Smart filing of emails

  • Smart selection default Content Type for email messages
  • Show Suggested locations for saving emails into SharePoint
  • Duplicate checking of emails
  • Outlook Rules - Save to OnePlaceMail folders

Save emails from Outlook to SharePoint / Office 365 (drag and drop)

  • Capture email attributes from originating email
  • Support for Office 365, SharePoint on-premise, Private Cloud, Hybrid environments
  • Automatically capture email attributes (To, From, Date Sent, Subject, etc…)
  • Save emails in their native format (.msg)
  • Capture additional SharePoint column metadata
  • Support for My Sites
  • Highlight in Outlook ('Transferred to SharePoint' Outlook Category)
  • Outlook Emails - Right Click: Copy/Move to SharePoint
  • Custom Filename format configuration (tokens)
  • Warning if email properties are not being captured when columns don't exist for the selected library destination

Save attachments to SharePoint and Office 365 (drag and drop)

  • Replace existing items in SharePoint (rename attachments when saving)
  • Capture email attributes from host email
  • Save attachments to SharePoint/Office 365 and replace with link in email

Send and save email to SharePoint

  • Integration to use the standard 'Send' button
  • Save and Send button

Save to List in SharePoint

  • Save to SharePoint Lists (Custom, Events, Contacts, Tasks, etc...)
  • Save multiple items into the same List item
  • Save to an existing SharePoint list item

Insert documents from SharePoint into email messages

  • Insert documents as links (if enabled, the Document ID is used to create the URL)
  • Insert links to List Items or Library Items (Display form)
  • Insert documents as email attachments
  • Preview of emails and documnts from insert window
  • Support for switching SharePoint Views and capabilities such as group by, sorting, filtering and showing view columns
  • Full SharePoint Search capabilities (content and metadata) to locate documents
  • Browse Recent, Favorite and SharePoint locations

Access and Search SharePoint / Office 365 direct from Outlook

  • Access the full power of SharePoint from within Outlook
  • Search SharePoint from Outlook
  • Access SharePoint capabilities and other 3rd party search extensions
  • Support for switching SharePoint views and capabilities such as group by, sorting, filtering and showing view columns
  • From within Outlook, open a document from SharePoint in the native desktop application
  • From within Outlook, open a document from SharePoint in the web browser
  • Open .msg files in Outlook from Office 365 / SharePoint (without saving first)
  • Open with… from SharePoint into a client desktop application
  • Support for showing the metadata navigation tree within SharePoint libraries
  • Define a specific SharePoint view for use within Outlook
  • Download a document from SharePoint / Office 365


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