Overall features

Saving to SharePoint - Common features

  • Save to SharePoint Libraries, Folders and Document Sets
  • Save to lists in SharePoint
  • Select and replace/version an existing item in SharePoint
  • Copy to / Move to SharePoint buttons in Outlook (in addition to Drag /Drop)
  • Option to automatically check-in documents on save to SharePoint
  • Adheres to SharePoint security/trimming
  • Browse SharePoint Sites/Libraries/Lists
  • View existing SharePoint content when saving
  • View new items saves to SharePoint /Office 365 (initiate workflows or perform other post save actions)
  • Support for different character sets
  • Strip invalid characters from filenames
  • Multilingual Term Store Support
  • Edit SharePoint content from Outlook
  • Managing SharePoint - Save locations and behaviour

Metadata capture

  • Capture email attributes from originating email
  • Capture additional SharePoint column metadata
  • Capture File Created Date and Last Modified date from Windows Explorer when saving to SharePoint / Office 365
  • Support for multiple content types
  • Support for Business Connectivity Services (BCS) / External Data Column *requires additional installation
  • Full type-ahead on Managed Metadata
  • Full type-ahead on Enterprise Keywords
  • Available in Outlook versions to include Outlook 2019, Outlook 365, Outlook iOS, Outlook Android
  • Create new Enterprise Keywords Terms on the fly
  • Create new Managed Metadata Items on the fly (open term sets)
  • Create New List Items (Lookup Lists) on the fly
  • Column default values
  • Column validation (required columns)
  • Column validation formulae
  • Location level defaults
  • Copy Metadata from an existing SharePoint Item (streamline data entry)
  • Support for open terms set in Managed Metadata columns (Create new items)
  • Support for Document Sets and metadata push down to items

Common Navigation Tree

  • Available when saving to SharePoint/Office 365 from Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat and Windows Explorer
  • Available from Insert from SharePoint, browsing SharePoint from Docs Explorer,  
  • Add to Favorites (for a selected location)
  • Open location in web browser
  • Create new Folders / Document Sets
  • Filter the navigation tree (type-ahead)
  • Search for a location
  • Filter/Hide System lists
  • Support for SharePoint locations, Suggested locations, Favorites, Recent locations and Solution Profile (published via the OnePlaceLive service)

Managing SharePoint - Save locations and behavior

  • SharePoint recent locations
  • SharePoint Favorites (Left navigation of Outlook)
  • Ability to add recent locations as favorites
  • Save to SharePoint - no prompts option (email attributes + defaults values captured only)
  • Save to SharePoint - with prompt (to enter addition SharePoint metadata)
  • My Site Support
  • Filter/hide SharePoint system lists & libraries from the navigation tree


  • Setup.exe installation to be using in under 3 minutes
  • .msi file provided for enterprise deployments
  • Email Columns provided - can be added to your Content Type/s
  • Custom Column Mapping (if required)
  • SDK/API - Integration *Available in R6.6.


  • Central license list for easy implementation and maintenance
  • License cost - Volume Level discounts available
  • License cost - Multi Product discounts available
  • License model - Per User (can have multiple machines)


  • Supported SharePoint environments (Office 365, SharePoint 2013, 2010, 2016, 2019)
  • Supported Operating Systems (Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8)
  • Citrix & Terminal Services

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