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Save emails to SharePoint & Microsoft Teams from your Android Device

Jessica is a senior marketing professional with over 10 years in the industry.
Jessica Mckenzie
05 July 2019
Save emails to SharePoint & Microsoft Teams from your Android Device

OnePlace Solutions was proud to be an official launch app with Microsoft Outlook for Android in September 2017. Working to empower users to access and save emails and attachments to any SharePoint location or Microsoft Teams channel from your Android device.

Office 365 provides the ability to stay connected wherever you are, regardless of the device or platform you might be using. The OnePlaceMail App extends this, by providing people with the ability to stay connected  communicate and collaborate from any device. 

Imagine being a mobile worker, tasked to complete a job and requiring some clarification of a problem. By simply sending the details you need back to the relevant Microsoft Teams channel, creating a conversation with those who can provide valuable feedback and then immediately being given the information to get the job done efficiently.  

Whether you are travelling and need to continue to contribute to a project, work from home or are a mobile worker sending important updates to your team, being easily connected ensures greater productivity and empowers users to do more, simply.   

The OnePlaceMail App supports saving emails and attachments from Android devices to SharePoint locations or Microsoft Teams channels. Not only can you save to these locations, but you can also capture metadata in the save process. Further to this, you can move a conversation from Outlook to a Microsoft Teams channel to collaborate directly with your team

You receive an email with an attachment around a project that needs urgent input from multiple stakeholders within the business. You can either forward the email, and receive 10 separate responses, or move this email to a Microsoft Teams channel, along with the attachment allowing everyone to comment and collaborate in one space.

How the OnePlaceMail App can solve this:

  • Select the email that needs to be saved,
  • Select the ellipses (three dots) to show the menu and select ‘Save to SharePoint’

Select the email that needs to be saved

In this instance we want to share two attachments with the team – you can pick which attachments to save, save just the email, or save just the attachments.

save just the attachments




Depending on the requirement you can save this email and attachments to a SharePoint location or a Microsoft Teams channel.

save this email and attachments to a SharePoint location or a Microsoft Teams channel



We need a prompt response from numerous members of the team, so we will save this to a Microsoft Teams Channel and notify the team:

Notify the team



The email and attachment are now available in Microsoft Teams where a conversation can continue, saving you sorting through multiple emails and responses.

The email and attachment are now available in Microsoft Teams

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