OnePlace Solutions launches R7.2: Smart filing to SharePoint, Office 2016/Windows 10 support and more

CEO at OnePlace Solutions, a trusted Microsoft Gold partner providing a suite of integrated products on the SharePoint/Office 365 platform.
James Fox
23 October 2015

Release 7.2 has been an exciting one to work on and now launch. After a review of our roadmap, we were amazed, and proud, to see that more than half of the enhancements done in this release had been direct requests from our customers. 

Here are a few of the top requests:

Suggest locations to save emails within SharePoint/Office 365

Suggested filing locations

OnePlaceMail can now intelligently suggest locations to save emails within SharePoint/Office 365 based on previous email filing operations. Additional capabilities have been provided through OnePlaceLive.

Attach emails & documents to existing list items

Existing SharePoint Lists

Our customers have been asking for this feature for a while - the ability to attach emails & documents to existing list items. The benefits, just like the number of files on a list item, are virtually endless varying from customer to customer.

Directly drag and drop files from desktop & Windows file explorer to SharePoint / Office 365 locations

OnePlaceDocs Explorer

Directly drag and drop files from desktop & Windows file explorer to SharePoint / Office 365 locations - a familiar experience to users.

Want more features?

  • File preview - now available from the 'Insert from SharePoint' window
  • Download files from SharePoint/Office 365 (right-click on embedded SharePoint grid-view) in both OnePlaceMail & OnePlaceDocs
  • Suggested Locations in OnePlaceLive
    • adds the facility to explicitly defined managed properties for searching email To and From metadata
    • adds the facility to define regular expressions to match against email content and apply subsequent search against SharePoint for finding locations
    • standalone utility application to define regular expressions for intelligent matching of email content, and generates the appropriate config update.xml file for these settings

Check out 'What's New' for a full list of enhancements in R7.2.

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