How do I provision Site Mailboxes in SharePoint

Instructions for creating a Site Mailbox for a site in SharePoint 2013.


This article provides step by step instructions for creating a Site Mailbox for a site in SharePoint 2013.

Please make sure your on premise environment is configured according to the How do I setup Site Mailboxes in SharePoint 2013 article. If you are using Office 365 the environment is already configured for Site Mailbox support so you can follow the steps in this article without doing any prior setup tasks.

This article also details how to add additional Document Libraries to the Site Mailbox so they are synchronized and available to users in Outlook.

The entire process should take around 10-15 minutes, depending on your environment.

I. Create a Site Mailbox

  1. Login to a site, click on the settings “cogwheel” at the top right corner and select “Add an app”:
  2. Click on the “Site Mailbox” icon in the top row:
  3. Or find the same app in the list of all apps below:
  4. After the Site Mailbox has been successfully created you should now see the Site Mailbox listed under Recent on the Quick Launch area of your Site navigation and in the list of apps:
  5. You can now click on the Site Mailbox (either link or icon) and you’ll be redirected to the Exchange server:

  6. Go back to the SharePoint site, wait for 5-10 minutes and click on the “Mailbox” link in Quick Launch section:
  7. Then you’ll be forwarded to the site mailbox:

II. Synchronize a Site Mailbox to Outlook 2013

1. Site Mailbox in Outlook

After creating a new site mailbox it should automatically appear in Outlook after a period of time (10-15 minutes):

Site Mailbox availability in Outlook depends on the user’s permissions to the SharePoint site. A Site Mailbox will be synchronized in Outlook only if the user is added to the default “Owners” and/or “Members” groups of the SharePoint site.

2. Add/remove other Site Mailboxes

If a user has access to multiple Site Mailboxes it is possible to manage the visibility of these Site Mailboxes in Outlook 2013. To do so, right-click on your main mailbox and select “Manage All Site Mailboxes..”:

A web browser window will open listing all site mailboxes available to the user:

If more than ten Site Mailboxes are selected, an error window will be displayed:

III. Add additional library to a Site Mailbox

By default, Team sites add the standard “Documents” library to the Site Mailbox as part of the provisioning process.

It is also possible to make additional document libraries available in the Site mailbox in Outlook 2013 by adding them to the Quick Launch navigation area of the site.

Document library properties

  1. Create/open existing standard document library in a site that has a Site Mailbox provisioned.
  2. In the Library Settings navigate to the following menu:
  3. Change the option below to “Yes”:
  4. Verify the user is in the Site Owner or Members default group:
  5. Restart Outlook and the library will be synchronized with Outlook and displayed under the Site Mailbox (this may take up to 15 minutes):

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