KB0140 - Error when creating a Configuration Profile in OnePlaceLive


You receive the following error whe attempting to create a Configuration Profile in OnePlaceLive, when you have an existing OnePlace Solutions site created. 





To work with the enhancments to this service, and allow for existing configuration settings to not be affected, a new list needs to be added to the SharePoint site. 


  1. Please select the following link to download the list, named Configuration Profiles. This will need to be uploaded to the site. 
  2. Upload the stp to the OnePlace Solution Site 

Upload the list to the site:

  • Select 'Site Settings'
  • Under 'Web Designer Galleries', select "List Templates'
  • From the menu, select Files, then select 'Upload Document'
  • Browse to where the previously saved stp was saved, select this file 

  • Select OK and Save. 

Add the list to the site

  • Select Site Contents
  • Select 'Add an app'
  • Locate & select  the app named "Configuration Profiles List Template"

  • Name this Configuration Profiles


  •  - Note -The list must be named exactly as specified above. 


The list has now been added to your site, with the following columns:

You can start to build your configuration profiles. 


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