KB0135 - License error when upgrading to Release 7.0


OnePlace Solutions installs upgrading to R7.0



You receive the following error when attempting to upgrade from a previous release of OnePlaceMail:

 "You can not complete this operation due to the following licensing condition. Unsupported pre-release 7.0 license key. This license key is not valid for release 7 and above".



Prior to upgrading the software, remove the reference to the current license list in OnePlaceMail | Settings | Licensing 


Solution 1:

Manually remove the license list reference.

Browse to OnePlaceMail Settings | Licensing

1. Select Change Location

2. Remove all text in the dialog box, Select Ok.

3. Select Yes

This will clear the license reference. The software can now be uninstalled, and new version installed. 


Solution 2: 

If you are seeking to upgrade a number of client machines, please carry out a config_update.xml modification prior to upgrading the software. 

The relevant XML is:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
   <license action="delete" />

Please click here for further information on config_update.xml changes. 



This will bring the product back to a 30 day trial. 

Please note, all R7.0 installations require a new license list. Please click here for further instructions. 

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