KB0136 - Error: Requested Site does not appear to have claims enabled or the Login Url has not been set


When connecting to a site collection that has Anonymous access enabled on the web application, the following error appears:


Solution 1:

If possible, turn off "Enable Anonymous Access" for the Web Application. 

1. Open Central Administration

2. Select "Application Management" 

3. Select the Web application to be modified.

4. Select 'Authentication Providers' from the ribbon and applicable zone (default) 

5. Uncheck "Enable anonymous access" 


6. Select Save. 

The error regarding the custom Url should no longer appear, and all contents of the site collection be displayed in the SharePoint tree. 

Solution 2:

If anonymous access cannot be turned off, it is possible to extend the web application to allow for alternate access mappings. 

1. Open Central Administration

2. Select "Application Management"

3. Select the web application to be managed

4. Select "Extend" from the ribbon

5. Enter the host header information and port number



6. Select the zone for this URL


7. Select save. 

There should now be two URLs available, in separate zones. 

Select the extended URL and modify the Authentication Settings for this zone to have enabled access disabled.



Add this URL to the OnePlace Solutions products, "Add Site Collection"


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