KB0143 - Error: Invalid Request returned when viewing a location

When attempting to view or save to a specific document library the error “Invalid Request” is returned.



OnePlace Solutions R6.x; R7.0-R7.6.1

Office: Any

Windows: Any

Resolved in: 7.7



When a column has been created in the document library or list, which contains the internal name that is a reserved name for SharePoint. These columns are

  • AttachmentFiles
  • ContentType
  • DisplayName
  • EffectiveBasePermissions
  • EffectiveBasePermissionsForUI
  • FieldValuesAsHtml
  • FieldValuesasText
  • FieldValuesforEdit
  • File
  • FileSystemObjectType
  • Folder
  • Id
  • ParentList


This is a known CSOM bug with Microsoft. To ensure that users can still work with these locations we will ignore and not display columns which use these reserved names are used.

An alternative workaround, is to rename the internal ‘Folder’ column to ‘folder’ (lowercase).


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