KB0145 - Automate moving emails to SharePoint

There are times when you need to copy emails to SharePoint, and there is no requirement to capture any additional metadata.

Using Outlook client-side rules and OnePlaceMail it is possible to automate moving these emails to pre-determined document libraries and capture and promote email properties in the save process.

1. Ensure you have email site columns enabled in your document library

To ensure that email attributes are promoted to columns in the save process, an email content type with email site columns needs to be applied to the document library.

  1. To create your own email content type, please find a link to download the OnePlaceMail site columns here: https://github.com/OnePlaceSolutions/EmailColumnsPnP
  2. Confirm you have the email content type already applied to your document library --
    1. Browse to your library, select Library Settings
    2. Under content types, confirm that there is an email content type applied.

 KB0145 content type

2. Set the default content type for emails in OnePlaceMail settings. 

To ensure that email attribute are captured at the time of saving, it is recommended to set the default email content type in OnePlaceMail Settings.

When this is defined, OnePlaceMail will always apply the email content type when saving a .msg or .eml file to SharePoint.

Check these settings in Outlook:

  1. Click OnePlaceMail
  2. Select OnePlaceMail settings, Content Capture tab
  3. Enter the name of your email content type here. 

 KB0145 content capture

It is possible to set the default email content type centrally via OnePlaceLive Configuration Profiles. When this is set, this update is deployed to all client installs centrally. 


3. Add the document library to the OnePlaceMail Favorites

To ensure that your document library is always available for Outlook to save the email to, we recommend adding the location to the OnePlaceMail Favorites area.

  1. In Outlook, Select OnePlaceMail
  2. In the ribbon, Select Manage Favorites
  3. Browse to the document library where you want the emails to be saved to.
  4. Select ‘Add’ to add this to the right-hand panel.
  5. Highlight the document library on the right-hand side, and turn off any prompts (Set to “Prompt only when necessary”

 KB0145 fav

This will ensure that no prompts will appear for additional metadata when Outlook is moving the email to this location.


4. Create your rule in Outlook

In Outlook, create your rule based on the information that is relevant. When you need to select the location – you’re able to pick the OnePlaceMail Favorite you just set up.

KB0145 rules


Now when your email is delivered to your inbox, Outlook and OnePlaceMail will take care of it to save the email to SharePoint and email attributes will be promoted to columns.


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