KB0152 - Connect OneDrive for Business to OnePlace Solutions

Save content to OneDrive directly through OnePlaceMail or OnePlaceDocs. This will also allow you to easily access OneDrive for business content from the desktop.

Option 1 - Provision OneDrive dynamically with Solution Profiles

Option 2 - Connect to OneDrive manually

Add OneDrive as a Favorite location

 Option 1

Connect all users dynamically through SharePoint and Solution Profiles.

The following instructions assume you have access to create a Solution Profile


These steps can be completed by the SharePoint Administrator. 

  • In the Admin Centre, select SharePoint > Classic features > Search
  • Select Manage Result Sources


  • Select New Result Source


  • Name the result source 'OneDrive'
  • Leave all defaults for Protocol / Type / Search Results
  • Query Transform: Enter contentclass="STS_Site" AND WebTemplate="SPSPERS" AND Author:{User.Name}



  • Save the Result source 
  • Select the result source named OneDrive and in the address bar, copy into notepad the sourceid from the url



  • Launch OnePlaceLive from the desktop
  • Select an existing Solution Profile, or select 'New Profile' 
  • Select 'New Item' > Search


  • Name the search item 'OneDrive'
  • Select the 'Use result source' checkbox
  • Enter the 
    • Result Source Name = OneDrive
    • Result Source ID = Id copied into Notepad 
    • Search service URL = default search service 


  • Leave all other fields as default
  • Modify the navigation tree access
    • Select 'Hide all Lists'
    • Select 'Hide system lists/libraries'


OD accessfilter

  • Ensure the solution profile is set to 'Published' and available to 'everyone'

solprof pubeveryone


  • Once the Solution Profile has been refreshed, the OneDrive connection will appear in the navigation tree for OnePlaceMail and OnePlaceDocs for all users



Option 2

Connect OnePlaceMail and OnePlaceDocs to OneDrive manually

  • Browse to the OneDrive location in the browser
  • Copy the Url from the address bar

onedrive copyaddress

  • In OnePlaceMail or OnePlaceDocs select
    1. OnePlaceDocs > Favorites
    2. Select ' Click to Add SharePoint Connection'
    3. Paste the OneDrive Url 
    4. Select Verify 
    5. Select OK


The OneDrive location will now appear in the Navigation Tree

opdOneDrive manual

Please note, if you have both OnePlaceMail and OnePlaceDocs, this connection will be available in both applications. 

Add the OneDrive location as a favorite

The following instructions are applicable for both option 1 & option 2

1.In the Outlook Navigation pane, select Recents> Solution Profiles > OneDrive to return your OneDrive location

onedrive recent fav

2. Right click on your OneDrive and select 'Add to Favorites'

 onedrive rightclick fav


Your OneDrive location will now be easily accessible via 'Favorites'

onedrive showfav

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