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Top 5 highlights of Microsoft SharePoint 2019

Jessica is a senior marketing professional with over 10 years in the industry.
Jessica Mckenzie
02 August 2018
Top 5 highlights of Microsoft SharePoint 2019

I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek of SharePoint 2019 earlier this year at SharePoint North America Conference, it delivers a range of enhancements and improves the user experience when engaging with content in SharePoint. The preview of SharePoint 2019 is now available to download. Check out my top five highlights below:

Top Five Highlights 

  1. Modern User experience SharePoint 2019 includes several Online 'Modern Experiences'. A fresh and modern interface will be available, which is different to the classic interface for team sites, lists and libraries.
  2. Communication Sites Communication Sites allow users to create compelling intranets, share news, broadcast messages or showcase ideas by drawing attention to content via Hero web parts. Communication sites can be created by end users directly - empowering users to share information.
  3. Integration with PowerApps & Microsoft Flow Providing process automation through PowerApps and Flow to take advantage of business process management capabilities. Flow can help build and automate workflows based off certain actions and receive notifications.
  4. Fast Site Creation Spin up sites quickly using fast site creation for specific templates - these are: OneDrive Personal site, Team Sites and Communication Sites.
  5. Shared Taxonomy (hybrid) Shared taxonomies (managed metadata) between SharePoint Server 2019 and SharePoint Online will be available, changes to the SharePoint Online taxonomy are replicated through to SharePoint On-premises server.

On the technical side, SharePoint 2019 will support larger files, the use of # and % characters in file and folder names, as well as support for increased URL path lengths (400 unicode characters, up from 260). Some other notable changes with SharePoint 2019 that our customers may be interested in are:

  • Site mailboxes are still supported, but deprecated 
  • Code based sandbox solutions support has been removed

OnePlace Solutions

Supporting hybrid scenarios, OnePlace Solutions delivers these multiple SharePoint environments to users in a consolidated and consistent manner regardless of architecture (on-premises, online or hybrid) directly in applications where users work.

Our products encourage user adoption, accessing content and facilitate sharing and collaborating email and documents in SharePoint.

OnePlace Solutions will be supporting SharePoint 2019 when this is generally available.

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