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Uploading in a user-friendly way quickly relevant emails to SharePoint.

Angelique Post, TU Delft University of Technology - November 2020

Product is great, and customer support is excellent, very responsive.

Gillian Mead, Willis Towers Watson - November 2020

Great product and fantastic customer service.

Peter Koumakis, APL Financial - November 2020

Absolutely first class client care, we have been able to rely on OnePlace Solutions to help us with every issue quickly and with care. We can now save emails and explore our Sharepoint from inside Outlook which is perfect from both the compliance and efficiency angles. I'm so happy that we came across OnePlaceMail, it is an absolute lifesaver!

Vanessa Challess, Tiger Law - October 2020

OnePlaceMail is probably the only software we’ve purchased that does exactly what it advertises and with good customer support. We’re learning how rare this truly is...so thanks!

Mike Dixon, Straiton Engineering Ltd - October 2020

The solution is only getting better with time. Makes working in Sharepoint very easy and the recent webinar uncovered some other useful features.

Matthew Bannister, First Fresh NZ - October 2020

Fills a gap like no other product for clients moving to Sharepoint and needing change assistance.

Stephen Gibson, AfterDark Technologies - October 2020

The system works without issue, is intuitive and simple to use.

Andrew Quail, VG Services - October 2020

Provides an end-user tool to improve productivity. Great team with excellent support.

David Thomas, Definiti - September 2020

The solution for using Outlook with SharePoint is easy to use and works well.

Gary Balfour, Alpha Travel (UK) - September 2020

Great company, great products!

Martin Wolfger, Solutionbox - September 2020

Excellent suite of products and great service

Ollie Heales, Partner Success Manager, Rhipe - September 2020

Best way to get files in and out of SharePoint!

Gerald Prokaski, Fitch Even Tabin & Flannery - August 2020

Our business users love your product!

Denis O'Connell, Ervia - August 2020

The product is great and anyone I interact with at OnePlace is always really helpful and knows their stuff!

Claire Smoothy, Marine Stewardship - August 2020

The products overcome some annoying SharePoint omissions that greatly increase the productivity of the workforce.

Shane Ordelman, Pharmacy Guild - August 2020

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