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Great product. Best in its class.

David Tigani, ISPT April 2021

The tool works like a charm and helped the business achieve its goal.

Sushankar Layak, TCOE Software Solutions - April 2021


Very helpful and prompt service.

Nicole Leovich, AgriFutures Australia - April 2021

OnePlace Solutions have streamlined our use of Office365 and reduced administration time. I also like the function in email where it lets you know that you've either replied or saved the message as it makes cleaning up your inbox and folders a lot quicker.

Janet Stevenson, Novatax Financial Planners - April 2021

As an IT person in my organization, I have researched to find a tool to integrate SharePoint and Outlook and OnePlace Solutions seems to be the best out there. We have been using it for about 3 years. The OnePlace Solutions support team has been very responsive anytime I had an issue/question.

Tsion Awash, UNCEA - April 2021

Good product, good support, and very nice people.

Bastiaan Kamstra, The Sourcing Company - April 2021

Good product, what customers want!

The Sourcing Company - April 2021

Great solution.

Tita Atang, TSG - April 2021

OnePlace Solutions is an easy to use and inexpensive set of apps that provide much-improved usability for Office 365.

Paul Haley, Cormorant Partnership - April 2021

Works well with retaining important information & emails on our various projects.

Andrew Steen, SolTerra Engineering.- April 2021

Easy to use. Great support. Many of our staff prefer to use OnePlaceDocs over the browser-based SharePoint UI.

Scott Rooney, Te Tuma Paeroa.- April 2021

Your company is great to interact with, really nice people, and the product suits our company at present.

Janine Lowrie,Genesis Energy - April 2021

The support from Ash is exceptional!

Mark Rixon, Dept for Child Protection SA - April 2021

Great support. Second to none.

Tony d'Amico, Australian War Memorial - April 2021

Easy to set up and user interface tied into O365 SharePoint makes saving files to SharePoint from email very easy

Christy Shaw, Bross Group.- March 2021

Very supportive

Moried Abdou, RCGT Consulting Inc.- March 2021

Uploading in a user-friendly way quickly relevant emails to SharePoint.

Angelique Post, TU Delft University of Technology - November 2020

Product is great, and customer support is excellent, very responsive.

Gillian Mead, Willis Towers Watson - November 2020

Great product and fantastic customer service.

Peter Koumakis, APL Financial - November 2020

Absolutely first class client care, we have been able to rely on OnePlace Solutions to help us with every issue quickly and with care. We can now save emails and explore our Sharepoint from inside Outlook which is perfect from both the compliance and efficiency angles. I'm so happy that we came across OnePlaceMail, it is an absolute lifesaver!

Vanessa Challess, Tiger Law - October 2020

OnePlaceMail is probably the only software we’ve purchased that does exactly what it advertises and with good customer support. We’re learning how rare this truly is...so thanks!

Mike Dixon, Straiton Engineering Ltd - October 2020

The solution is only getting better with time. Makes working in Sharepoint very easy and the recent webinar uncovered some other useful features.

Matthew Bannister, First Fresh NZ - October 2020

Fills a gap like no other product for clients moving to Sharepoint and needing change assistance.

Stephen Gibson, AfterDark Technologies - October 2020

The system works without issue, is intuitive and simple to use.

Andrew Quail, VG Services - October 2020

Provides an end-user tool to improve productivity. Great team with excellent support.

David Thomas, Definiti - September 2020

The solution for using Outlook with SharePoint is easy to use and works well.

Gary Balfour, Alpha Travel (UK) - September 2020

Great company, great products!

Martin Wolfger, Solutionbox - September 2020

Excellent suite of products and great service

Ollie Heales, Partner Success Manager, Rhipe - September 2020

Best way to get files in and out of SharePoint!

Gerald Prokaski, Fitch Even Tabin & Flannery - August 2020

Our business users love your product!

Denis O'Connell, Ervia - August 2020

The product is great and anyone I interact with at OnePlace is always really helpful and knows their stuff!

Claire Smoothy, Marine Stewardship - August 2020

The products overcome some annoying SharePoint omissions that greatly increase the productivity of the workforce.

Shane Ordelman, Pharmacy Guild - August 2020

The solution has been ideal for us for moving mail from Outlook to SharePoint and allowing capture of metadata in this process.

Craig Shield, Down Under Tours - August 2020

Great product. Great customer service.

Simon Denton, Mott MacDonald - August 2020

Software works seamlessly

Allan Kay, Alternative Bridging - August 2020

Customer service from Elissa, Zeeshan (among others) has been first-rate.

Brad Paddon, APD Projects - August 2020

Great Service.

Lorraine Adams, ELM Solutions - May 2020

Easy to use.

David Tombs, Attenti NZ - March 2020

OnePlace Solutions provides a product that increases our productivity, is easy to use, and is extremely reliable. In addition, the personnel at OnePlace Solutions offer excellent support, are courteous, efficient, and treat us as a valued customer.

Melvin Heath, Labor Bureau - May 2020

We use a Sharepoint system for our document storage and I would not be able to work efficiently without your product.

Eric Herlihy, Current Builders - April 2020

Your team went out of their way to accommodate me.

Ed MacConnell, Total Benefit Solutions, Inc - April 2020

Effective and polite.

Elettra Soderini, The UN World Food Programme - May 2020

Brilliant product. Light and simple - and it works!

Shannon Byrne, Crown Melbourne Legal - March 2020

Works pretty good.

Antonio Zarate, Cemex ERM Operations - March 2020

Integration with SharePoint is excellent; it assists greatly in user adoption of the platform.

John Loveridge, Rx Management - March 2020

Well-integrated application, easy to work with. Good support team!

Thomas Nilsson, 10Ben AB - February 2020

It is a great complement and support to keep updated Documents for Projects and Teams. In our company it is the center to facilitate the flow of document to the Document Management System. Managers, Salespeople, Engineers, Finance, all the team loves this application.

Roberto Suarez Alemany, Atlantic Bearing Services - January 2020

Recommended to my whole team 2 weeks ago. This is what I posted: Works really well. Gives you the option to save both the email and the attachment. Presents a list back of the regular SharePoint sites you visit or you Search by the site name. Gives option to save to library or Folders within if you use them. Also enables you to add any metadata to the files. Saves lots of time faffing around saving to desktop and uploading back to a SharePoint site.

Trevor Bramwell, Mitie

Its a great tool! I get my clients to buy your product all the time. One client in particular cant go without it and the rolling out more to other departments. They buy direct from you guys.

Warren Patterson, GenPoint IT

Good to use to interact with SharePoint for heavy users

Jane Burke, SGS NZ - August 2019

Good product and great customer service

Ben Murphy

Excellent performance and customer service

Randy Shurden

Great support, Easy to use

Michelle Goodwin, Miktysh

OnePlace Solutions is a great product which makes using SharePoint and OneDrive with Office applications much easier than it otherwise would've been with just the native tools.

Harry Nicholson, Torres Strait Regional Authority

Great software, awesome customer service!!!!

Craig Healy, Willis Towers Watson

The app is a great product and fits an important need and we tell our customers so

Sean Wallbridge, Regroove

Great product, easy to use

Stephen Maxwell

Your product(s) are awesome as is your customer service

Janine Lowrie, Genesis Energy

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