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Will the cookie changes in Google Chrome impact you?

Jessica is a senior marketing professional with over 10 years in the industry.
Jessica Mckenzie
11 March 2020
Google Chrome web browser release

Google's latest Google Chrome web browser release (Build 80), features changes in how cookies are handled, to be in line with industry best practices. Cookies will be secure by default. Available from February 4, with a progressive rollout from February 17.

These changes are intended to stop malicious cookie tracking but will also impact applications using cookies for legitimate purposes, including authentication - Read more about this. 

The new changes, based on open internet standard from IETF, will lead to better security, privacy, reduce data leakage and more transparency.

How OnePlace Solutions is maintaining Industry Best Practices

OnePlace Solutions recently won the Microsoft 365 App Award - People's Choice, we feel this reflects the trust and confidence our customers and partners have in using our solutions. Meeting and exceeding customers' expectations and keeping up to date with industry best practices is an essential part of our business.

The Google Chrome changes are impacting Microsoft and many other large cloud providers and software companies. The OnePlace Solutions Development Team has been working hard to support the upcoming changes and have committed to modifying the authentication process to ensure the highest standards are maintained. We are excited to share the latest update to the OnePlaceMail App, released on the 10th March 2020.

Our authentication process adheres to new industry standards, tightening security even further, but it does mean you need may to re-consent and approve additional permissions to be able to use the OnePlaceMail App. To save time and avoid any disruptions an organization's Administrator can consent for the whole organization.

To learn more about consent and permissions please click here. Everything we do is to ensure you are receiving the best possible user experience and the highest standard of security.

In addition to this upcoming release we have shared numerous enhancements recently including:

  • Support for followed sites in SharePoint
  • Ability to search Teams for a specific Team, resulting in faster search results
  • Create a new email with links - once attachments have been saved using the OnePlaceMail App it is now possible to create a new email with links to the saved email and attachments
  • Sections defined with collapsible areas for easier navigation
  • Save an email or attachment directly to a Team's private channel.

To see all the latest updated please visit What's New.

As well as recent updates stay tuned for what's coming! We are excited to announce that the ability to attach or insert a link to a file in SharePoint is nearly ready for release and will complete the capture, classify and access capability for OnePlaceMail!

If you have any questions about upcoming changes please contact us and the team will be happy to help.


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