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Three ways a document management solution can improve employee retention

Jessica is a senior marketing professional with over 10 years in the industry.
Jessica Mckenzie
05 June 2020
Document management solution

2020 is likely to see more than 306 billion emails sent around the world. Sometimes it may feel as though most of them are coming to your business. In fact, the average office worker does receive more than 120 emails per day. This means you and your employees may end up spending the bulk of your day dealing with emails and managing the information that comes with them.

Without an effective document management solution in place, your team may become overwhelmed and frustrated, and their productivity levels may decrease as they try to access documents, capture records, and follow up on missing information.

This frustration may make them more likely to leave. The costs associated with employee turnover can be enormous, with some studies suggesting it can cost around 33 percent of the person's annual salary.

A document management solution, such as Microsoft SharePoint, can help to mitigate employee frustration by providing them with simple, easy access to company information and documents. By implementing a solution that supports employees in their roles, you can improve employee retention and minimize turnover in your business.

There are three ways that an efficient document management system can help retain employees:

1. Improving productivity

With inefficient document management, employees spend much of their day trying to find documents or reaching out to colleagues and waiting for responses, which is unnecessary and hinders productivity. With a shared document management solution, like Microsoft SharePoint, your team can easily find the documents they need. The metadata (information about the documents) even brings up other relevant files that may be helpful when your employees search for specific information.

This shared system also means that all employees can access the files, and that information doesn't end up siloed on individual desktops or lost in email inboxes. When employees can quickly and easily locate the documents, and capture and classify information, it means they can be more productive throughout the day and their performance levels will improve.

2. Enhancing company solidarity

When employees feel engaged in the business, it can play a large part in an employee's motivation to succeed and build the company; however, a disengaged employee can eventually result in lost talent. A common area of staff frustration is using inefficient workflows. When staff members can't find information, updates, or files easily, they can't do their jobs to the best of their ability. This makes them frustrated and angry and can result in mistakes, missed deadlines, and low morale.

A document management system makes uploading files as simple as dragging across a document. Metadata is used to show you the most relevant information to your search, and digital collaboration on a document can even happen remotely. This type of functionality can reengage your employees and strengthen team bonds.

3. Engaging tech-savvy staff

Any worker under the age of 40 has grown up in the information age. They have relatively high expectations for technology to streamline their tasks. They expect the technology they use at work to mirror the technology they use in their personal lives. And, they typically know how to leverage technology to help them work more effectively, which includes being able to access, share, and collaborate on documents and projects. Organizations that can offer efficient and easy-to-use systems will be highly sought-after by new applicants.

You can achieve a stronger return on investment in sharing platforms, and help employees gain access to the information they need, when they need it, by using an add-in solution that puts the power of SharePoint into a familiar environment such as Outlook, Word, or Excel. This lets team members save documents into SharePoint and access them again easily without directly entering the SharePoint platform; all the functionality is delivered within the app they're currently using. When they can work in such an intuitive way, team members are more likely to get maximum value from the organization's SharePoint investment.

It's all about creating a strong experience for the end-user who, ultimately, doesn't really care where the information is stored as long as they can find what they're looking for fast, and can trust that the information they're accessing is the latest version. The resulting time savings and increased efficiency can help workers feel more productive and successful, leading to less turnover and more engaged staff members.

To find out more about how a document management solution can help your business improve employee retention, contact OnePlace Solutions today.

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