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How businesses can streamline document management in SharePoint for improved productivity

| Document management

Data has always been essential for business success. The quality of information and how it’s used in an organisation is what delivers its competitive edge, driving intelligent decision making and uncovering valuable insights to provide better customer experiences.

Legal Matter Management Solution with SharePoint & Document Sets

| Document management

This article focuses how to use SharePoint with Document Sets for Legal Matter Management and belongs to the How to Build a Legal Matter Management Solution on Microsoft 365 series.

Legal Matter Management Solution with Microsoft Team Sites

| Document management

This article focuses how to use Microsoft Teams for Legal Matter Management and belongs to the How to Build a Legal Matter Management Solution on Microsoft 365 series.

How to build a Legal Matter Management SharePoint solution on Microsoft 365

| Document management

Microsoft 365 provides a robust platform to deliver a modern SharePoint legal matter management solution.

Enhanced Document Management with OneDrive for Business & OnePlace Solutions

| Document management

We are excited our latest release delivers OneDrive for Business into Microsoft Outlook and OnePlaceDocs, available on desktop. Read on to learn how we are enhancing document management for you and your teams.

How to optimize Microsoft 365 solutions through personalization & intelligence

| Document management

The transition to remote working has forced companies worldwide to assess their digital solutions in terms of efficiency and employee productivity...

Why managing documents with one source of truth can improve your business efficiency

| Document management

Creating a central source of truth in which all documents are easily accessible can help improve your organisation's project visibility, team productivity, accuracy, and efficiency. Poor document management practices...

Integrating Microsoft Lists with Microsoft Outlook, Office, and Teams

| Document management

Microsoft Lists is a powerful app that lets you manage processes and workflows. It lets you collect, view, filter, sort, collaborate and share structured information across status, lifecycle, ownership...

How an efficient document management solution eliminates information silos

| Document management

If you're running a business, then you need to manage documents of all kinds. From contracts and business plans to policies and documentation around daily work, keeping track of the paperwork...

Three ways a document management solution can improve employee retention

| Document management

Without an effective document management solution in place, your team may become overwhelmed and frustrated, and their productivity levels may decrease as they try to access documents, capture records, and follow up on missing information...

New: Insert a file as a link or attachment from SharePoint, Teams & OneDrive using OnePlaceMail App

| Document management

The latest insert feature coming soon for the OnePlaceMail App now enables you to capture, classify and now access content from Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft OneDrive...

Save to PDF from Microsoft Office Applications using OnePlaceDocs

| Document management

Release 7.11 is now available and enables you to save the documents you are working on as a PDF file using OnePlaceDocs, without leaving the application you are working in...

OnePlaceLive Scenarios Unleashed: Legal Matter Management

| Document management

Each article in this series takes an in-depth look at a single realistic business scenario and how to apply OnePlaceLive to overcome the key challenges faced. The scenario for this article is a Legal Matter Management system. The information architecture for this system is a site collection per client, with a site per legal matter.

OnePlaceLive Scenarios Unleashed: Introduction

| Document management

Solution Profiles provide an intelligent way to look at SharePoint from the perspective of the different business systems (or solutions as we like to call them) that have been built in SharePoint (e.g. Project Management, Legal Matter Management, HR Business Processes, Helpdesk) and to dynamically identify the different SharePoint artefacts that make up those systems (e.g. site collections, sites, lists, libraries, document sets, folders, content).

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