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R8.5 Launch - Connect with Microsoft Teams from where you work

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Jessica Mckenzie
02 May 2022
Connect with Microsoft Teams from where you work

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Simplify the employee experience when engaging with solutions on Microsoft 365.


The new OnePlace Solutions Release 8.5 (R8.5) has simplified the connection and engagement with solutions delivered on the Microsoft 365 platform. This release delivers Microsoft Teams locations and channels alongside existing SharePoint and OneDrive for business locations to complete the Microsoft 365 picture.

Business users can now engage with solutions delivered on Microsoft 365 from their familiar applications where they’re most productive, and without the need to switch applications. R8.5 also sees the unification of the OnePlace Solutions desktop suite and OnePlaceMail App (SaaS solution) for simplified license management and shared experiences while engaging with Microsoft 365.

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In a modern workplace, employees are no longer tethered to an office, and users are increasingly engaging in more flexible hybrid work practices. While the move to the cloud has been essential in facilitating this shift, leveraging the OnePlace Solutions suite of products drives the success of a flexible workplace and optimizes the employee experience while engaging with solutions on the Microsoft 365 platform.

With R8.5, users have personalized access to business solutions delivered on the Microsoft 365 platform. This is making employees more productive and engaged, improving employee satisfaction in a flexible work environment.

Helping teams work smarter

R8.5 delivers Microsoft Teams sites and channels (including private channels) to where you work. This simplifies the capture, classification, and access to content in Teams sites from application such as Microsoft Outlook, Office, Adobe and Windows Explorer.

Regardless of the size or complexity of your Microsoft 365 environment, R8.5 now brings together all your Teams sites and channels, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint locations for a simple yet powerful Microsoft 365 experience.

The launch of R8.5 improves the experience for business users, letting them engage more successfully with the Microsoft 365 suite and with their colleagues. Irrespective of where users prefer to work on documents as individuals, R8.5 lets colleagues collaborate more effectively in one place. The release lets users easily move and copy documents between OneDrive for business, SharePoint, and Teams, making the document management and collaboration journey even simpler.

Unification of licensing

R8.5 delivers a no-touch configuration deployment that lets users connect using their Microsoft 365 credentials and be immediately productive.

The launch of R8.5 also simplifies enterprise licensing for the essential, business, and premium plans. User licenses can now be automatically assigned and managed based on the company’s domain, streamlining deployment and ongoing license management.

Features that deliver greater collaboration and productivity

  • Move and copy files: R8.5 lets users easily move and copy files from OneDrive for business to SharePoint or Microsoft Teams locations, supporting best practice document creation, management, and collaboration. In R8.5, it’s easier than ever to move or copy documents to a new location with the click of a button. This makes it super simple for users that prefer to work on documents individually before sharing with their colleagues.
  • Easy navigation: R8.5 delivers the complete Microsoft 365 picture, bringing together Microsoft Teams locations, Teams channel, SharePoint, and OneDrive for business in an intuitive and personalized way.

    Regardless of the size and complexity of your Microsoft 365 environment, OnePlace Solutions simplifies the experience of delivering Microsoft 365 locations to where you work, reducing context switching and allowing for greater productivity and engagement of Microsoft 365 from a familiar application such as Outlook and Office.
  • Insert content links: R8.5 lets you access and insert content links from Microsoft 365 Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive for Business into Microsoft Word. This extends on the previous capability of support for inserting content within meeting invitations and when creating emails. Delivering access to Microsoft 365 content within the normal workflow of a user creating content improves productivity, collaboration, and engagement with the Microsoft 365 platform.
  • Simple rollout: R8.5 offers a no-touch configuration rollout with little to no administration required to engage users. Users can use their existing Microsoft 365 credentials and will already have Teams channels and teams set up and ready to use based on their previous interactions.

To see the full list of enhancements and bug fixes included in R8.5, visit What's New.

R8.5 will help businesses users to better engage with Microsoft 365 solutions and collaborate more effectively across the modern workplace. If you have questions, would like to know more, or would like a personalized demonstration, please contact us.

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