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Install and Deploy the OnePlace Solutions Product Suite

The OnePlace Solutions suite of products can be installed on an individual computer or deployed across an enterprise. To help you, no matter what your deployment is, we’ve created some quick videos to make the installation, licensing and deployment processes as quick and easy as possible for you.

Creating your OnePlace Solutions site

OnePlaceLive comprises services to personalise SharePoint for users in their day to day apps. This video shows how to create and configure the site to manage those services, including your OnePlace Solutions licenses.

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Capturing email attributes

If you’re saving emails to SharePoint, you’re going to want to save all the attributes that comes with them. This short video shows how you can add our email content type to capture this data from users in new and existing libraries.

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How to activate your license

Licensing OnePlace Solutions can be completed in a few quick steps. This video shows how you can locate your license list including your list ID and add how to upload your license to activate and use them.

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Deploying across an enterprise

Deploying OnePlace Solutions across an enterprise is a relatively simple task for a SharePoint Administrator. This video shows the best practices for successfully deploying to your company via an MSI.

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Coping with COVID-19 : OnePlace Solutions is helping businesses impacted by COVID-19 and offering the OnePlaceMail App for free until June 30, 2020. Learn more