Record management

A digital workplace is the interaction of people, process, and technology

Digital Workplace - Better Records Management

| Record management

A digital workplace is the interaction of people, process, and technology. People are the center of the digital workplace and should remain engaged and productive with enhanced collaboration...

Legal and operational compliance

Why it's important for businesses to keep true and accurate records

| Record management

Legal and operational compliance plays a significant role in the success and reputation of a company. Compliance means having adequate systems in place to maintain and manage records...

The power of metadata

How metadata can help you to improve efficiency and productivity in your organisation

| Record management

As more organisations go digital, the amount of data and information we're producing continues to grow, as does the need to efficiently store and manage this data...

SharePoint for HR Departments

Successful Integration of SharePoint for HR Departments

| Record management

This article aims to solve a common challenge when creating solutions in SharePoint. We discuss how to deliver a solution built in SharePoint to end users and critical team members, as well as exploring how we can personalize the SharePoint user experience for staff and team managers by using SharePoint and OnePlaceLive.

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