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OnePlace Solutions R7.4 is one of the best yet

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Release 7.4 will save your users time....

OnePlace Solutions R7.3 adds email tracking for SharePoint / Office 365

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Release 7.3 delivers a new OnePlaceLive email tracking service that extends the use of OnePlaceMail in the enterprise and provides visibility around what emails have been saved to SharePoint.

OnePlaceMail and OnePlaceDocs also contain a number of enhancements that improve usability, productivity and security.

OnePlace Solutions launches R7.2: Smart filing to SharePoint, Office 2016/Windows 10 support and more

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Release 7.2 has been an exciting one to work on and now launch. After a review of our road map, we were amazed, and proud, to see that more than half of the enhancements done in this release had been direct requests from our customers.

Surface content using Office Graph technology with OnePlace Solutions R7.1

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Release 7.1 of the OnePlace Solutions suite of products further extends the document management and email management capabilities of OnePlaceMail and OnePlaceDocs. OnePlaceLive has been enhanced to surface content using Office Graph technology.

Build real world solutions on the SharePoint platform with OnePlaceMail R6.6

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Building on the well-received capabilities of Release 6.5, further enhancements have been made to the new Outlook Style experience for SharePoint. Significant enhancements such as filtering locations on the navigation tree, searching for locations when saving and the ability to create document sets/folders without leaving Outlook are some of the new capabilities enabling the creation of engaging business solution on the SharePoint platform.

Transform your Enterprise Content Management solution for greater end user engagement

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OnePlaceLive transforms your existing ECM solutions on the SharePoint platform to reengage end users without the need to modify the solutions or underlying information architecture.

OnePlaceMail R6.5 delivers SharePoint access within a familiar Microsoft Outlook style interface

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OnePlaceMail Release 6.5 combines the familiarity of the Microsoft Outlook experience (such as email and document preview) with the strength of SharePoint views; including columns, grouping, sorting and filtering of content.

Future proof your SharePoint solution with OnePlaceMail R6.4 (ready for download)

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OnePlaceMail Release 6.4 is focused on building trust in SharePoint by providing seamless capture of content and delivering the full power of SharePoint within Microsoft Outlook.

Tighter integration with business workflows and line of business systems - OnePlaceMail R6.3

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OnePlaceMail now delivers greater performance, improved usability and tighter integration with business workflows and line of business systems.

OnePlaceMail - Windows 8 Compatible

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The team at Scinaptic are excited to confirm OnePlaceMail is compatible with Windows 8.

We are committed to leading the charge with our clients and partners into the new era of Windows 8 and are now ready to deliver OnePlaceMail on the Windows 8 platform.

We are also excited to be working with some of our leading clients on the new SharePoint 2013 Preview release and look forward to delivering OnePlaceMail support for 2013 shortly.

Please remember to visit our booth at the upcoming SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas (November 12th - 15th).

Bring SharePoint to the user for greater productivity - OnePlaceMail R6.2

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OnePlaceMail 6.2 delivers greater productivity through efficient access and effective sharing of content within SharePoint.

Just Released - OnePlaceMail R6.1 is packed full of Outlook and SharePoint integration enhancements

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Imagine if all users had 100% trust in SharePoint from day one - how would your SharePoint adoption be?

OnePlaceMail Release 6.1 is focused on building trust in SharePoint by providing seamless capture of content and delivering the full power of SharePoint within Microsoft Outlook.

New OnePlaceMail R6 - Official Launch at SharePoint 2011 Conference in Anaheim

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Scinaptic announces the release of OnePlaceMail R6 with new support for connecting Office 365 with Microsoft Outlook, File Explorer and Microsoft Office. This release also includes the launch of the free OnePlaceMail Express Edition.

OnePlaceMail for Office 365 - a seamless and familiar way to save emails and attachments in the cloud

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OnePlaceMail for Office 365 delivers the easy to use capabilities expected by OnePlaceMail. Register your interest today and Share more... .

OnePlaceMail 5.2 has been released and includes a number of enhancements and bug fixes

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A new version of OnePlaceMail for Outlook to SharePoint integration is now available. This 5.2 release includes the following enhancements and bug fixes...

OnePlaceMail Release 5.0 has been launched

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The launch OnePlaceMail Release 5 is a milestone for organisations wanting an enterprise and process driven approach for embedding SharePoint filing locations with desktop applications such as Microsoft Outlook, File explorer and Office applications.

Without interrupting the activity flow of the current user or trying to modify the learnt behaviour over many years of using desktop applications such as Outlook; OnePlaceMail is extending the power of SharePoint to these applications and enabling the users to save content and conveniently access the full power of SharePoint directly from within the application.

OnePlaceMail Release 4 now available - SharePoint 2010/Outlook 2010

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Scinaptic OnePlaceMail® has been embraced by leading organisations across Europe, UK, US, Australia and New Zealand for its ability to deliver seamless integration from Microsoft® Outlook®, Windows File Explorer and Microsoft Office® (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) to Microsoft SharePoint®. OnePlaceMail promotes the user adoption of SharePoint as a central repository for managing and securely sharing information across the enterprise.

OnePlaceMail Release 4 is SharePoint 2010 Ready and supports the full enterprise keywords/Managed Metadata from Outlook/Office 2003, Outlook/Office 2007 and 2010.

Release 4 Highlights

  • Enterprise/Managed Keywords with full support for Outlook/Office 2003, 2007 and 2010
  • Folder Level Defaults in SharePoint 2010
  • Custom List Level & Column Validation support
  • Full API for Custom Integration

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