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What is New Outlook?

| Email management

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, optimizing efficiency and productivity is crucial. Microsoft’s New Outlook promises to revolutionize how professionals manage their digital workflows and correspondence. By leveraging its innovative features, users can streamline their communication processes and stay ahead.

How businesses can streamline document management in SharePoint for improved productivity

| Document management

Data has always been essential for business success. The quality of information and how it’s used in an organisation is what delivers its competitive edge, driving intelligent decision making and uncovering valuable insights to provide better customer experiences.

Seven reasons to use Microsoft 365 for project management

| Project Management

Project management can mean the difference between success and failure for many businesses. It helps carefully guide projects through to completion while ensuring that every piece of the puzzle moves with direction, control, and purpose. 

Using SharePoint Team sites for a Project Management System

| Project Management

Explore how a corporate project management organisation implements a Project Management System, using Microsoft 365 with a Microsoft Teams site per project.

How to build a project management system on Microsoft 365 SharePoint

| Project Management

The Microsoft 365 platform offers significant capabilities to achieve core project management principles while also providing rich collaboration and security to meet the diverse challenges of managing projects.

How innovative technology can deliver better records compliance

| Record management

Data has long been considered the equivalent of gold or oil in terms of its intrinsic value to businesses. As the rate at which the volume of data created, consumed, and stored continues to increase—with global data creation forecast to grow to more than 180 zettabytes by 2025¹ —data management will be of greater importance. 

One Outlook to rule them all: What you need to know about the next generation of Outlook

| Email management

Microsoft first announced its vision for the future of Outlook in 2020 and continues to move towards the highly anticipated launch of One Outlook.

Personalizing legal matter management in Microsoft 365 for greater productivity

| Solutions

Microsoft 365 provides the ultimate platform for legal matter management, with document management, collaboration, workflow, and records compliance at its core. 

Provisioning Microsoft 365 legal matters

| Solutions

Managing information requires strong governance across the organization. Information governance is essential across all organizations, and nowhere is it more important than in a legal context.

Legal matters information and records compliance

| Solutions

Legal matters require lawyers to have instant access to accurate and comprehensive information. The sheer volume of information often involved in legal matters can make this challenging.

Seamlessly integrate legal matter management with Outlook

| Solutions

Microsoft Outlook remains the tool of choice for most lawyers, paralegals, and other team members within law firms and corporate legal departments when managing the flow of documents and information throughout a legal matter.

Greater collaboration with Microsoft Teams and legal matter management

| Solutions

A modern legal matter management solution for a law firm or corporate legal department needs to be intuitive and delivered in a personalized manner to where lawyers, paralegals, and other team members perform their work.

How to enrich Employee Experience with Microsoft 365

| Solutions

Employee Experience (EX) has always been an important factor in determining how satisfied employees are at work. Now that how we work and where we work have changed significantly, delivering a superior employee experience and keeping employees engaged is more challenging.

Top seven benefits of Microsoft 365 for legal matter management

| Solutions

Law firms and corporate legal departments are missing a significant opportunity by not utilizing their existing Microsoft 365 platform to handle hundreds of documents and pieces of information effectively.

Legal Matter Management Solution with SharePoint & Document Sets

| Document management

This article focuses how to use SharePoint with Document Sets for Legal Matter Management and belongs to the How to Build a Legal Matter Management Solution on Microsoft 365 series.

Legal Matter Management Solution with Microsoft Team Sites

| Document management

This article focuses how to use Microsoft Teams for Legal Matter Management and belongs to the How to Build a Legal Matter Management Solution on Microsoft 365 series.

How to build a Legal Matter Management SharePoint solution on Microsoft 365

| Document management

Microsoft 365 provides a robust platform to deliver a modern SharePoint legal matter management solution.

Enhanced Document Management with OneDrive for Business & OnePlace Solutions

| Document management

We are excited our latest release delivers OneDrive for Business into Microsoft Outlook and OnePlaceDocs, available on desktop. Read on to learn how we are enhancing document management for you and your teams.

How to optimize Microsoft 365 solutions through personalization & intelligence

| Document management

The transition to remote working has forced companies worldwide to assess their digital solutions in terms of efficiency and employee productivity...

Digital Workplace - Better Records Management

| Record management

A digital workplace is the interaction of people, process, and technology. People are the center of the digital workplace and should remain engaged and productive with enhanced collaboration...

Why managing documents with one source of truth can improve your business efficiency

| Document management

Creating a central source of truth in which all documents are easily accessible can help improve your organisation's project visibility, team productivity, accuracy, and efficiency. Poor document management practices...

How to reduce the amount of time your employees spend on emails

| Email management

Email is considered a critical component of communicating within the business world; however, email is notorious for costing employees valuable time and productivity every day...

Why it's important for businesses to keep true and accurate records

| Record management

Legal and operational compliance plays a significant role in the success and reputation of a company. Compliance means having adequate systems in place to maintain and manage records...

Integrating Microsoft Lists with Microsoft Outlook, Office, and Teams

| Document management

Microsoft Lists is a powerful app that lets you manage processes and workflows. It lets you collect, view, filter, sort, collaborate and share structured information across status, lifecycle, ownership...

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