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A digital workplace is the interaction of people, process, and technology

Digital Workplace - Better Records Management

| Record management

A digital workplace is the interaction of people, process, and technology. People are the center of the digital workplace and should remain engaged and productive with enhanced collaboration...

Documents as a central source of truth

Why managing documents with one source of truth can improve your business efficiency

| Document management

Creating a central source of truth in which all documents are easily accessible can help improve your organisation's project visibility, team productivity, accuracy, and efficiency. Poor document management practices...

Reimagining work with the Microsoft 365 platform

Microsoft Ignite 2020: Reimagining work with the Microsoft 365 platform

| Events

Did you watch the "Reimagining work with the Microsoft 365 platform" session at Microsoft Ignite 2020 with Yina Arenas and Mike Ammerlaan? As a proud Microsoft Gold Partner, OnePlace Solutions...

miktysh 2020

miktysh: 2020 Modern Information Management Summit

| Past Events

Register for the biggest virtual event for records and information management professionals...

How to reduce the amount of time your employees spend on emails

How to reduce the amount of time your employees spend on emails

| Email management

Email is considered a critical component of communicating within the business world; however, email is notorious for costing employees valuable time and productivity every day...

Legal and operational compliance

Why it's important for businesses to keep true and accurate records

| Record management

Legal and operational compliance plays a significant role in the success and reputation of a company. Compliance means having adequate systems in place to maintain and manage records...

Global Microsoft 365 Developer Bootcamps

Global Microsoft 365 Developer Bootcamp 2020

| Past Events

We are excited to kick off the Global Microsoft 365 Developer Bootcamp. This year's bootcamps will incorporate the technologies and products that are now included in the Microsoft 365 platform. They are held worldwide from October 1 through November 30, 2020...

Transport Layer Security (TLS)

TLS 1.2 and what it means for you

| Industry news

What is TLS? Transport Layer Security (TLS) is an industry standard to help protect information communicated over the internet. The newest version TLS, 1.2 provides improved security is the current standard.

ESPC20 Online helps you keep up - and get ahead.

ESPC20 Online

| Past Events

In a world of speed, ESPC20 Online helps you keep up - and get ahead. ESPC provides SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure professionals with the expert content and connections to help you achieve professional success.

Microsoft Ignite Table Talk

Microsoft Ignite Table Talk - How do Security professionals sleep at night?

| Past Events

Microsoft Ignite Table Talk - How do Security professionals sleep at night? Co-hosted by our CTO, Cameron Dwyer...

latest product developments from Microsoft

Join us for Microsoft Ignite - Digital Experience September 2020

| Events

Learn about the latest product developments from Microsoft and how to action them in your business with guidance from Microsoft experts and the worldwide community...

The history of Add-in development

365 Days of Cloud Podcast: Office Add-ins with Cameron Dwyer

| Past Events

365 Days of Cloud Podcast: Office Add-ins with Cameron Dwyer

Watch the pre-Ignite interview recording

Pre-Ignite interview with Cameron Dwyer & Valo's Daniel Anderson.

| Past Events

Pre-Ignite interview with Cameron Dwyer and Valo's Daniel Anderson. 

Learn how to work with Microsoft Lists,

Webinar | Microsoft Lists: Extending to Microsoft Outlook and Teams to simplify solution engagement

| Past Events

Extend Lists to where you work in Microsoft Outlook, Teams, and Office applications to capture, classify, access, and share effectively.

Microsoft Lists: Extending to Microsoft Outlook and Teams to Simplify Solution Engagement 

Integrating Microsoft Lists with Microsoft Outlook, Office, and Teams

| Document management

Microsoft Lists is a powerful app that lets you manage processes and workflows. It lets you collect, view, filter, sort, collaborate and share structured information across status, lifecycle, ownership...

OnePlace Solutions Publisher Verified Status

OnePlace Solutions awarded Publisher Verified Status by Microsoft

| Company News

Microsoft has created a Publisher Verified framework to make it easy for businesses and administrators to understand the authenticity of application developers integrating with the Microsoft identity platform...

Improve email management

How you can increase your organisations pace of communications for better collaboration and efficiency

| Email management

Email is one of the most important communication channels for many businesses. However, most businesses manage their email ineffectively. Your business could potentially reap significant benefits from a few simple...

The power of metadata

How metadata can help you to improve efficiency and productivity in your organisation

| Record management

As more organisations go digital, the amount of data and information we're producing continues to grow, as does the need to efficiently store and manage this data...

OnePlace Mail Lite Desktop plan.

Announcement: Upcoming changes for the Lite Desktop plan

| Product Releases

The OnePlace Solutions Desktop Software Release 8.0 launch introduces some exciting enhancements including a totally refreshed, modern user interface and enhanced information management and compliance capabilities...

OnePlace Solutions Release 8

Making OnePlace Solutions more agile

| Product Releases

OnePlace Solutions are making changes to the way we support the environments you work within; allowing us the agility to get requested features and enhancements to market faster, improving collaboration, productivity...

OnePlace Solutions Release 8.0 Launch

OnePlace Solutions Release 8.0 Launch

| Product Releases

New Release 8.0 (R8.0) has launched! Our latest release offers an entire user interface refresh to our Desktop Software: OnePlaceMail, OnePlaceDocs, and OnePlaceLive. We are excited to announce performance improvements...

Software Sales / Account Manager

Now Hiring: Software Sales / Account Manager

| Company News

We have an excellent opportunity for a highly motivated and energetic individual to join our Sales Team based in Manly, Sydney.  The role is focused on engaging with prospects and customers. 

Efficient document management

How an efficient document management solution eliminates information silos

| Document management

If you're running a business, then you need to manage documents of all kinds. From contracts and business plans to policies and documentation around daily work, keeping track of the paperwork...

Document management solution

Three ways a document management solution can improve employee retention

| Document management

Without an effective document management solution in place, your team may become overwhelmed and frustrated, and their productivity levels may decrease as they try to access documents, capture records, and follow up on missing information...

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