KB0137 - Hashcode error installing version 7.1 (VSTO)


OnePlace Solutions 7.1 and older


Applies to release 7.1 and prior.

Recieve error when attempting to install OnePlace Solutions product suite for the first time. 


An error log is generated with code: Hashcode Error 0x80091007.

KB0135 - License error when upgrading to Release 7.0


OnePlace Solutions installs upgrading to R7.0


KB0042 - "The installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package. This may indicate a problem with this package. The error code is 2869."




When attempting to install a newer release of OnePlaceMail over-the-top of an older release of OnePlaceMail you encounter the following error.

KB0021 - "Installing Office customization" error starting Outlook 2010

You receive an error Installing Office customization when starting up Outlook 2010 as below:

KB0012 - When opening an email message file (.msg) from SharePoint 2010 you are prompted to save the file first rather than just opening the message up in Outlook

Using the SharePoint web browser interface you click on an email file (.msg) to open the message in Outlook. Instead of the message being opened you are presented with a dialog that only has options to Save or Cancel.