KB0151 - Resolve display issue with OnePlaceMail & Outlook 2016, 2019 & O365

Resolve issue when OnePlaceMail displays incorrectly for Windows 10 (1803) &  Office 2016 / Outlook 2019 / O365

KB0145 - Automate moving emails to SharePoint

There are times when you need to copy emails to SharePoint, and there is no requirement to capture any additional metadata.

Using Outlook client-side rules and OnePlaceMail it is possible to automate moving these emails to pre-determined document libraries and capture and promote email properties in the save process.

KB0142 - Favorites & Recents Folder error due to Microsoft Security Update


All versions of OnePlaceMail + All Office versions with Security Update for Outlook


After installing Windows Update, CVE-2017-11774, OnePlaceMail will show multiple errors upon starting Outlook

KB0141 - Error 'Custom folder icon is not allowed for a folder not displayed in Outlook'


OnePlaceMail + Office Release 1702: Build 7870.2024 (Current Channel)


When you upgrade Office365 to version 1702, build 7878:2024, and install OnePlaceMail an error appears on restart. 

KB0138 - OnePlaceMail not loading in Outlook 2013


OnePlaceMail add in will not load in Outlook 2013.

Applies to: OnePlaceMail R7.0 & Above + Outlook 2013

Scenario 1:

The OnePlaceMail ribbon buttons and tab do not appear when you start Outlook 2013 for the first time. 

Scenario 2:

The OnePlaceMail ribbon buttons and tab do not appear when you start Outlook 2013 after successfully using OnePlaceMail for a period of time.

Scenario 3:

Performing a drag/drop operation to a OnePlaceMail folder in Outlook 2013 does nothing. OnePlaceMail does not appear to be working and the OnePlaceMail menu items and buttons are missing. 

OnePlaceMail Email Library in different languages

If you site collection default language is not English, please use this article.

KB0056 - "Object doesn't support this property or method. / object expected" error when selecting a OnePlaceMail folder in Outlook


Outlook + OnePlaceMail


When clicking on the OnePlaceMail Folder on the left navigation of Outlook to view the SharePoint content an error occurs: 'Object doesn't support this property or method' or "Object Expected".

KB0031 - OnePlaceMail Add-In fails to load in Outlook 2010


Outlook + OnePlaceMail


The OnePlaceMail ribbon buttons and tab do not appear when you start Outlook 2010 for the first time.

KB0029 - Outlook 2010 receives a Script error when clicking on a OnePlaceMail folder

You add a OnePlaceMail folder in Outlook 2010 using “Manage My OnePlace Folders” or the configuration update process. The folder is linked to a SharePoint 2007 Document Library or List and when clicking on this folder in you receive a script error dialog similar to below: